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      Yingkou Jinlong Refractories Group is located in Dashiqiao City, which is justly famed as the Magnesite Capital of China. The Group is an integrated enterprise involved in R&D, production, trade and after-sales service of a wide range of refractory products.

      The Group consists of 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 4 Sino-foreign joint venture companies.

      • 4Copartership

      • 7Domestic company

      • 30Senior Engineer

      • 80Production equipment


      We are one of the large-sized magnesia refractories manufacturers in the world involving in R&D, production,trade and after-sales service.

      Extensive International Cooperation

      Our products are exported to America,Japan,South korea,Greman,Russia,Ukraine,UK,Vietnam,South Africa,Canada,India,Thailand,Australia etc.

      State-of-the-art Production Equipment

      80 presses and auxiliary facilities

      Strict Quality Control Proces

      Our R&D activities concentrate on refractories appleication,new products and key technologies in this industry.

      Friendly Production Environment

      We have a strong technical force wiht over 30 senior engineers specializing in refractories, steelmaking and other relevant field. The Group has been recognized as the Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center.


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